New Song: Alpine, 'Gasoline'

Alpine burn up the dance floor with their hot new synth-pop jam, "Gasoline."

Alpine burn up the dance floor with their hot new synth-pop jam, "Gasoline."

We've been telling you that Australia is the new Williamsburg for a minute now, but Alpine, the latest in a series of Down Under acts, sound more global than dive bar. The Melbourne sextet's minty fresh synth-pop doubles its pleasure with two lead singers, whose vocals dive and twist around each other like synchronized swimmers. Their new single, "Gasoline," floats with the group's signature combination of airborne melodies and deep synth hits, the rhythm section bumping with dance floor precision. We're getting sweaty just thinking about it.

Listen to Alpine's "Gasoline" after the jump.

"There's gasoline in your heart," frontwomen Phoebe Baker and Lou James sing with tart emphasis, revealing they're about to get burned: "I know that this is momentary." If this love's not going to last, at least we can rage to it at an underground club night and probably in a future "Girls" episode. The sleek sound of "Gasoline" draws on groups from Phoenix to M83 -- maybe the band has secret French roots, too. Alpine will set the United States on fire this spring, with dates in New York, L.A., and Austin, Texas' SXSW music festival. Their debut album, A Is For Alpine, drops May 21 on Votiv (globe-hopping airfare not included).

+ Listen to Alpine's "Gasoline" and check out their video for "Hands."

Photo credit: Votiv

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