One Direction Wear Adorable Red Noses, Somehow Avoid Looking Like Scary Clowns (PHOTO)

One Direction wear red noses for Red Nose Day.

One Direction put on clown noses for Red Nose Day! 

Remember how your hearts melted when you saw One Direction spending time with underprivileged kids to honor Red Nose Day? Now, let the avalanche of heart goo (we probably could have just said "melting") continue as we bring you the boys' official Red Nose Day promo image, which is, as you might imagine, a photo of the boys wearing giant red noses! Kind of like the ones scary-ass clowns wear, only way cuter because ONE DIRECTION IS WEARING THEM!

In addition to spending time with kids in Ghana, One Direction will record the official Red Nose Day single: a cover of Blondie's "One Way Or Another." And in case you weren't sufficiently in awe of the lads' charitable spirit, all proceeds will benefit Red Nose Day. Because in case you didn't already know, One Direction are not just MALE MODELS WHO HAPPEN TO SING, they're also genuinely nice guys! It's also been officially confirmed that the bros will perform this single for the first time ever at the BRIT awards, airing on Feb. 20, which leads us to perhaps the most important One Direction-themed question: WILL THEY WEAR THE RED NOSES ON STAGE? (Please God say yes.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News