Check Out Paramore’s New Album Promo Photos!

Paramore’s new album promotional photos are PER-FECT.

Paramore basically owns our senses. Their new “Now” track gives us a TOTAL eargasm (TMI? Not sorry), and as you can see by their promo photos for their forthcoming self-titled album, we are more thankful than ever to have working eyeballs. Sure, Hayley Williams,┬áJeremy Davis and Taylor York are super easy on the eyes, but these pictures also remind us that new Paramore music is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (April 9), followed by a U.S. tour in March and April! Now excuse us while we make these photos our computer and cell phone wallpaper/background images so we can properly honor Hayley’s flaming red hair and teeny bangs.

We’d like to ask Crayola to create a crayon color called “Hayley’s Hair Red.”

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen