New Video: Syron, 'Here' (VIDEO)

Syron teaches rave culture 101 in her "Here" video.

What if we told you that we could combine the face-game of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus with the lo-fi/dance/pop sound of Jessie Ware and Katy B? You would probably tell us that we should stop trying to get freaky with science and focus on our real jobs, but luckily our trusted blokes over in England have already beaten us to the punch with London-based singer Syron. Building on her London rave following (like Jessie and Katy B before her), Syron is enjoying a strong start to 2013 with her brand-new "Here" video. And even though it's only her second release, Syron's already got us believing she's a total veteran on the spastic club track.

Watch Syron's "Here" video after the jump.

In the clip, we see Syron in full recovery mode from last night's festivities, but lo and behold, she's still ready to go IN for another night out! Back in the club, draped in warm red lighting, Syron seductively sings over the hypnotic club-pop thump, "Here, when you call my name I'm on ya, I can make it out alright/ Even when I'm nowhere near ya, I'll get you anytime you like." As Syron sings into the camera, sexy couples are getting sexy out on the dance floor (it's a little opening-scene-to-"Dirty Dancing" up in there), while some other guys get busy lighting... indoor fireworks? Pretty sure the fire marshal would shut that ish down, but nobody's looking too concerned about public safety. Uh, would you if you were at that party? Probably not. Which reminds us, just going to go purchase a make-believe plane ticket to London and start mapping out a club-hopping plan. Who's in?

+ Watch Syron's "Here" video.

Photo credit: Black Butter Records/Ministry of Sound