New Video: Little Daylight, 'Overdose' (VIDEO)

Check out Little Daylight's first original song, "Overdose."

Indie-rock trio Little Daylight has an "Overdose." Like, the non-dangerous kind.

If you're into, say, AMAZING REMIXES, you might have already heard of indie-pop trio Little Daylight. If you're into, say, AMAZING REMIXES and haven't heard of Little Daylight, then you might wanna come out from behind that rock and listen up. Meet Little Daylight: They're three good pals who've taken the remix game by storm, recreating tracks for everyone from Penguin Prison to Passion Pit and Freelance Whales. And while the band has had a LOT of success with everyone else's material, they've just released their first original tune, "Overdose." Just in case you feel skeptical, trust: it wasn't a bad decision. "Overdose" may be the most perfect pop song you've ever heard.

Watch Little Daylight's "Overdose" video after the jump.

A heady mix of Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira, Little Daylight have somehow managed to release a sugary-sweet pop record that still sounds like it came from the coolest (and least pretentious!) abandoned warehouse located somewhere in the depths of Brooklyn. Oh, and speaking of abandoned warehouses frequented by BK cool kids, the video for "Overdose" is full of street-side dance parties and giant pitch-black raves illuminated only by flashlights. Because any party thrown by Little Daylight is clearly way too cool for normal halogen lighting, you know?

+ Watch Little Daylight's "Overdose" video and get a free download of the track.

Photo credit: Little Daylight