Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's Transformation Into Carmen Sandiego Is Now Complete (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga resembles Carmen Sandiego and Daria in this photo, we have a '90s flashback!

Where in the world is Lady Gaga's new album?!

GUYS! Wouldn't it be everything if Lady Gaga's random costumes, accessories, hairstyles, and meat dresses were all just leading up to THE ULTIMATE evolution? That is to say, Gaga morphing into '90s icon/fictional international thief Carmen Sandiego?! Because she is NAILING the PBS game show villain's look with that hat in the photo above (not to mention her OTHER resemblance to "Daria Morgendorffer" with the hair and glasses). Side note: If you're not getting our '90s references, we suggest you put that fancy Instagram machine down and do some research, because both characters were among the most epic things to EVER come out of that decade (next to Pogs and snap bracelets). CAPICHE?

The "Lady Is A Tramp" singer shared the photo on Twitter along with a VERY exciting caption, "Dont worry. Nerdface Killah is studio stuntin. Man I love making records." While we add Gaga's newest moniker to our long list of GAGALOO personas (Nerdface Killah is our new fave, btw), you can rest easy knowing that the ARTPOP wait is going to be worth it (just look at all the MIND-BLOWING collabos with Tony Bennett and Zedd!). And even though we may have to wait a bit longer, just look at the bright side: At least Lady-Gaga-Nerdface-Killah-Carmen-Morgendorffer IS working and not just spending her free time watching reruns of  "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego" on YouTube (like we'll be doing the rest of the day, because the show was THAT GOOD).

Photo credit: @ladygaga