The Week In WTF: Justin Bieber Cops A Feel From A Fan, And Chris Brown Thinks He's Jesus

Why are Justin Bieber and Chris Brown acting crazy this week?

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are having a banner week!

Oh weird, celebrities are acting out in the world today; we did not see that one coming! First up, our favorite boy-man-in-chief Justin Bieber got himself in a handful of trouble at a meet and greet with fans, and then man-boy Chris Brown, fresh off his beef with Frank Ocean, expressed his hurt feelings We'd ask "WTF is going on around here," but that would imply that we actually found either incident all that surprising.

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Ahh, Justin, sweet, sweet Justin. Listen, dude, just listen here for one quick second, because we're going to explain something to you: Just because millions of fans out there have probably considered this very scenario occurring to them (multiple times a day for years), that doesn't mean you get to ACTUALLY FULFILL IT. What exactly happened, you ask? At a meet and greet in Miami last night, the Biebdog pulled in a fan for a special hug -- a "hand hug" we think it's called. In English: Justin definitely copped a feel from a fan.

"Wearing sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap with a black sweatshirt, the singer can be seen smirking through his pout as he posed for the tongue in cheek image," the Daily Mail wrote, although "boob in hand image" might've been a more accurate description.

Justin is newly single, however, so it's possible that Biebquakes was under the influence of one of his jazz cigarettes, and confused the raven-haired fan with Selena Gomez. Drugs are bad, kids. 

Also a drug? Celebrity. At least on the doses that Chris Brown is ingesting it. It does all sorts of crazy things to the brain, like make you confuse yourself with Jesus Christ, for example. We think that's the message the singer, still on probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009, was sending when he posted this Instagram photo. "Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!" read the caption. Like how all these mean people won't stop harassing him about it every time he gets into a fight. That was what they got Jesus for, as we recall -- all those fights.

Photo credit: Getty Images