New Video: Vanbot, 'Hold This Moment' (VIDEO)

Vanbot hits the forest for her glorious video for "Hold This Moment."

Explore Vanbot's snowy, refracted world in her "Hold This Moment" video.

As extraordinary American philosopher Kelly Clarkson once sang, "Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this," and now, it's Swedish songbot Vanbot's time to shine with her new single, "Hold This Moment." Much like her last bout of brilliant Robyn-esque synth-pop, "Hold" is yet another escapade into moody, distinctly Swedish pulsations and sad disco beats. "I want to hold this moment in my hand," the songstress cries out on the euphoric chorus, which shimmers with glittery shades of Queen Kylie. It's a little Fever Ray. It's a little Lykke Li. You know: It's just the Scandinavian way! (And by that, I mean perfect.)

Watch Vanbot's "Hold This Moment" video after the jump.

Considering all of that Swede-like influence, what else could Vanbot be doing in the accompanying video besides frolicking around a snowy forest with a bunch of mirrors in tow, doing some interpretive dancing in flowing black garb? Girl, I don't know if you're trying to get a tan or something, but that is not how you do it! But you look real good doing whatever it is that you are doing, so that's fine.

And when she's not having a dance party among the woodland creatures, she's wandering around in an abandoned studio of sorts, once again surrounded by those mirrors, which, apparently, have a mind of their own. Watch out for some major "Dancing On My Own"-esque armography in front of light installations, kaleidoscopic mirror crooning, and plenty more voguing. There's also a ridiculously amazing moment at one point when she stares straight into the camera and sings "I want to feel the beat of your heart," and then the music completely drops out, and then -- BAM! Explosion of sound.

Now that is how you hold a moment, Vanbot.

+ Watch Vanbot's "Hold This Moment" video.

Photo credit: Sara Arnald