Here's What One Direction Would Look Like As Cats! (VIDEO)

Don't act like you've never imagined One Direction as cats. No? Just me? Welp, this is even awkwarder than expected.

Not to toot our own horn or whatever, but we kinda think we were the pioneers behind the whole "compare One Direction to cats" thing. Because remember when we actually DID turn the British boy band into cats? What's that? Oh yeah, TRAILBLAZERS. And now, of course, the internet has followed suit with a very revealing and vaguely unsettling video of 1D's cat doppelgängers! As in, the cats One Direction would be if One Direction were cats! All we can say now is that we'd like to buy the visionary behind this clip a cup of coffee. OR A ONE DIRECTION-THEMED FRUIT BASKET FILLED WITH CATS.

Check out One Direction as cats after the jump.

Soundtracked by a disturbing chorus of "meows" (such a nice touch, BTW), the first cat-to-boy-bander image we see is Harry, brilliantly compared to a black cat with some serious side-tongue action going on. Why? Because Harry is always making out with people! (HAHAHAH!) Then of course there's Niall, who resembles a regal, orange cat with cute, tiger-y stripes. We won't spoil the rest, but needless to say, one cat's wearing headphones and he looks A LITTLE TOO MUCH like Zayn Malik. Brace yourselves, folks.

+ Check out One Direction as cats.

Photo credit: aboybaz Youtube Channel