Star Spotting: One Direction's Harry Styles Takes A Cue From Jay-Z, Rocks All Black Everything (PHOTO)

Harry Styles of One Direction is dressed in all black at Heathrow Airport in London.

Why so noir, Harry?

We're not trying to start anything, but it appears that One Direction's Harry Styles has been going through some HARD TIMES. Still fresh off the saddest breakup of 2013 (providing Beyoncé and Jay-Z don't split because THEN THE WORLD WOULD REALLY END), Harry's been spotted around town nervously twirling his hair (that's bad for your hairline, y'know), and now he's rocking the "funeral uniform"/"All-Black Everything" look as he makes his way through Heathrow Airport.

Sure, we know what you're thinking: "But black is soooo slimming," and "Jay-Z said it was OK, and whatever Jay-Z says is gospel!" And yep, we agree with both statements (plus, wearing all black kinda makes us feel Parisian, and we're soooo into that), but you can kinda tell that Harry's "noir" moment is skewing more toward "I'm in mourning over my failed relationship" and less "I'm feeling bloated today and just need a little something extra to help" Seriously, cheer up, bb! You're allowed one more week of sadness, and then you gotta snap out of it. You're Harry Styles! Plus, even though it's probably terrifying, it's gotta be kinda cool knowing you're the subject of a forthcoming Taylor Swift hit.

Photo credit: Splash News