Star Spotting: One Direction Play The 'Which Hand Is It?' Game At The 2013 NRJ Awards (PHOTO)

One Direction pose on the red carpet at the 2013 NRJ Awards in Cannes, France.

What are you guys hiding, huh?

We're huge fans of playing the "We Wish We Were Your Date" game while watching pop stars attend ANY red carpet event, but this One Direction photo has introduced us to a WHOLE NEW game. This game, called "Pick Which Hand Has The Diamond Ring One Direction Is Going To Propose To Us With," is simple to play. See how the guys have their hands closed like they're hiding something? We pick which 1D member's hand we want to open, they unveil a ring box with a shiny diamond inside, and we decide if the carats, cut, and clarity are decent enough to accept. It's a very stressful competition that takes TONS of strategy, guys.

The "Kiss You" singers were snapped on the red carpet while attending the 2013 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France. Not only did the blokes score the award for "Best International Group," but the guys also won our most prestigious award for "Best Dressed Boy Band EVER" with their stylish outfits (though we'd love to see them pull out those matching kimonos again). And while our aforementioned jewelry game may seem a little weird (OK, a lot weird), we weren't that far off from reality! The guys actually are designing a jewelry line for a U.K. retailer, so now the whole world can play our game! But fair warning: WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ALLOWED TO WIN. ALWAYS.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News