New Song: Justin Bieber, 'Nothing Like Us'

Justin Bieber's latest song "Nothing Like Us" has him pining for an old flame.

Justin Bieber just wants things to go back to the way they were (hi Selena) on "Nothing Like Us."

Justin Bieber should be having the time of his life. He's got a new album, Believe Acoustic, coming out this week, he's been hanging out with genius/hip-hopera creator/occasional singer R. Kelly, and has an upcoming "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig to look forward to on Feb. 9. But despite all that's going well for him, Justin is just SO SADZ. He just can't get over that special someone on his latest track, "Nothing Like Us," and we don't have to think TOO hard to guess who it is. (HE MISSES YOU, SELENA.)

Listen to Justin Bieber's "Nothing Like Us" after the jump.

Sounding, well, pretty miserable, the "Yellow Raincoat" singer pours his heart out on Believe Acoustic's bonus track. "I wish I could give you what you deserve/ Cause nothing could ever, ever replace you/ Nothing could ever make me feel like you do," Justin sings over the lilting piano strokes, almost sounding like he's on the verge of tears. UGH, this is so hard -- we don't want one of our fave pop stars to be hurt!! Justin just wants to give it another shot, and maybe this heartfelt tune is at least a foot in the door to winning his former flame back. WHY are first loves so hard to get over? Well, if "Nothing Like Us" doesn't work, you'll always have these seven songs on standby, Justin!

+ Listen to Justin Bieber's "Nothing Like Us."

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