Happy 31st Birthday, Adam Lambert! Please Enjoy These Birthday-Worthy GIFs!

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Happy 31st birthday, Adam Lambert! As devoted Glamberts, we absolutely had to do something to celebrate our national holiday (seriously, THANK YOU ADAM'S MOM AND DAD). Unfortunately, we're just $50 (times 500,000) short of getting you the rose gold Rolex with diamond trim we assume you want, so we worked tirelessly on this virtual arts and crafts project instead! And by "virtual arts & crafts" project, we clearly mean a comprehensive collection of Adam Lambert-centric GIFs! Below you'll find a variety of GIFs, ranging from Adam making every kind of "OH no you DIDN'T" face to Adam getting pissed and ripping open a pillow. And then there's Adam wailing into a microphone LIKE HE OWNS THE WORLD (which he does). Joyeux Anniversaire, Adam! We hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and some totally diva-riffic hand gestures. And maybe also a Rolex (or six).

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