New Video: OneRepublic, 'If I Lose Myself'

Watch OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" video.

OneRepublic adopt a YOLO attitude in their "If I Lose Myself" video.

We all had a good laugh with "Saturday Night Live" bros The Lonely Island (along with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar), who twisted the concept of YOLO on its head to ironic effect, but now that we think about it, it is a pretty good message, right? You do only live once, so you might as well enjoy life while it lasts -- even if it's all about to end in a matter of minutes in a horrifying plane crash. Happy Monday! That's the supremely uplifting message behind OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" video.

Watch OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" after the jump.

"If I lose myself tonight, it will be by your side. If I lose myself tonight, it will be you and I," Ryan Tedder sings, placing himself in the long tradition of musically morbid love declarations (remember The Smiths' "If a double-decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die" lyric?)

The idea behind the song is in contrast with its trance-like exuberance, all thumping kick drum and ascending synth buildup. "Even though it sounds like this euphoric, 'let's go crazy tonight' song, it's a bit morbid; it's about going down in an airplane," Tedder told MTV News. "Waking up on an airplane and finding our you're going down, having that moment of sheer panic, looking out the window, seeing your life pass before you, [but] looking over to your right and seeing the person you love sitting next to you, and realizing 'It could be worse ... the next 90 seconds are going to be pretty thrilling, and this person is with me, so I'm okay.'"

That's awfully romantic, but note to self: Do not fly on a plane next to Ryan Tedder anytime soon.

As for how to best carpe-YOLO, as the old Latin saying goes, the video has a few suggestions: 1) Be young and beautiful. 2) Summon your spirit animal, in this case a fox or a cougar, or a foxy cougar if you can make that happen. 3) Try skateboarding, tagging, and all manner of urban teenage hijinx (wear a helmet though you guys it's dangerous!). 4) Enact an elaborate treasure hunt-style chase throughout the city with each clue leading you one step closer to an epic dance party where you'll make out with a cute stranger -- everyone knows you can't die when you're dancing and/or making out, that's science.

"If I Lose Myself" comes off OneRepublic's forthcoming album Native, due out in March.

+ Watch OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" video.

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