Justin Timberlake And Jay-Z Wear Matching Suits And Ties On The 'Suit & Tie' Video Set (PHOTOS)

JT plays the chivalry card!

Remember that time we were (legally) encouraged to watch Justin Timberlake get all shmanced up for a fancy party? As in, watch Justin Timberlake get dressed step-by-step in his "Suit & Tie" lyric video? Did you hear us?? WATCH JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE GET DRESSED?! Well, at the time, we were convinced life couldn't get any better, but today we found out that there is something better, and it's called watching Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake engage in the MOST AWWWZ-inducing bromance on the set of the official "Suit & Tie" video!

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If you, like us, thought that the bromance between Jigga and Kanye West was 4EvA, then think again, bbs! Because the amount of Kodak moments going down between Jay-Z and Justin (Jay-Zimberlake?) on the set of their "Suit & Tie" video is making us DIE A LITTLE inside. Who would have thought that when Justin's not busy holding an umbrella for his wifey, he's being chivalrous and holding one for Jay-Z? And when Jigga's not busy watching his wife slay the inauguration game (also, can we all STFU already about Lip-synch-gate?), he's having a severe LOL attack with Justin! (You and I both know that's not a fake laugh, guys.) Yeah, so, uhhh, Kanye, it appears you might have been replaced! Not to worry though -- you'll always have Kimmy.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News