Star Spotting: The Jonas Brothers Are Really Busy Smiling, Waving, Looking Generally Adorable (PHOTOS)

The Jonas Brothers walking the streets of Hollywood on their way to Guitar Center.

The Jonas Brothers treat the sidewalk like their own fashion runway, because LOOK AT THEM.

With all these GIGANTIC comebacks dropping recently (see: Justin Timberlake's! Destiny's Child's! Paramore's!), we've been keeping an extra special close eye on the Jonas Brothers. You may have forgotten that they promised us new tunes (actually, you shouldn't have forgotten, because IT'S A REALLY BIG DEAL), but we've been watching their every move to see if they're sticking to their promise. J/K. Not every move! That's kinda creepy, guys... right?

But LOOK! All that "not spying, just checking in obsessively" proved worthy, because today we found out that they've been using the sidewalk as their own personal catwalk while heading to Guitar Center in Los Angeles, among other things! Maybe they were shopping for some instruments to begin creating NEW MUSICAL MASTERPIECES?! Don't even TRY to convince us otherwise.

See more photos of what the Jonas Brothers have been up to this month after the jump!

The Jonas Brothers waving to fans in Mexico City.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick give their best Beatles impression in Mexico City.

But shopping isn't the only thing on Joe, Kevin, and Nick's agenda! They've also been filling their schedule with things like waving to adoring fans on balconies and snapping photos with even more fans at airports. So to sum up, here’s what the JoBros have been up to: waving, smiling, posing, unintentionally catwalking, going to Guitar Center, possibly recording (fingers crossed!), and just looking generally attractive. We're exhausted just thinking about the band's month... and yet we're still able to muster up enough energy to swoon.

The Jonas Brothers taking photos with fans in Mexico City.

It's completely OK to be jealous of this fan BEING TOUCHED BY NICK JONAS.

Photo credit: WENN/Splash News