New Video: Kelly Sweet, 'Ashes Of My Paradise' (VIDEO)

Watch Kelly Sweet's "Ashes Of My Paradise" video.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's your first electro-pop heartbreak anthem of 2013, courtesy of Kelly Sweet.

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Kelly Sweet's latest, "Ashes of My Paradise," is a brilliant Robyn-meets-La Roux-meets-Ellie Goulding bout of sweetly sung heartbreak. And the song's newly premiered video -- a kaleidoscopic, Chris Callaway-directed clip -- isn't just a verifiable smorgasbord of high fashion and heartbreak, but a fitting touch to the truly gorgeous tune.

Watch Kelly Sweet's "Ashes Of My Paradise" video after the jump.

The stunning clip dials up the song's angst factor to the max with an array of beautifully shot, artistic vignettes. (For fans of interpretive dance and wilting flowers, this COULD NOT be more up your alley.) All the while, the video centers around a quarreling couple in the throws of a nasty battle -- and lots of tangled fabric. "I feel us dying/ Two hearts divided," Sweet cries out in pain above the celestial synthesizers and throbbing drums. As the video goes on, the love fight grows steadily more intense between the two, full of frustrated passion and anger. Oh, what tangled webs we weave, well, in song form anyway -- our real lives are SO boring in comparison.

+ Watch Kelly Sweet's "Ashes Of My Paradise" video.

Photo credit: Kelly Sweet