New Song: The Strokes, 'One Way Trigger'

The Strokes are back with a brand-new single, "One Way Trigger."

"One Way Trigger" is The Strokes' first single since 2011. BRB, KVELLING.

Look, we're going to be frank with you here. Occasionally as music writers we tend to get a little -- what's the phrase? -- overly hyperbolic about the new music. "Insane" is another way of putting it. "ZOMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER," we write, and maybe we mean it at the time, sure, but it's primarily because, well, new is new, and new is always exciting. But in the case of The Strokes' new single "One Way Trigger," as in, a new song by the only rock band in the world that "mattered" in the 2kz, the hyper-blog-iventing is sincere.

Listen to The Strokes' "One Way Trigger" after the jump.

Coming in the midst of what's already been a banner week for old-timey reunions -- The Stone Roses and The Postal Service at Coachella, The Black Flag reunion news -- new music from The Strokes, their first in a couple years, is equally as exciting. Not that the band reuniting for a new album is a brand-new revelation, but there was a time in the not-too-distant past where it looked as though we'd never hear from them again (Julian Casablancas sounded so bummed out on his solo record. Still like the coolest dude in the room, whatever room that happened to be, but bummed out all the same.)

Now he's bummed out in a different way on "One Way Trigger," a looping, high-pitched synth riff broken up by the band's trademark harmonized guitar lines and Julian's crooning falsetto. "Show me what to be," he sings, sounding defeated. "Show me what to see. Show what to be. Find a job, find a girl, find a home, find a dog(?). Settle down, out of town, find a dream, shut it down."

You get the idea: The pressures for us to follow the predictable path are strong, even for rock stars. But we're glad he hasn't given up the dream just yet.

+ Listen to The Strokes' "One Way Trigger."

Photo credit: RCA Records