New Video: Cris Cab, 'Paradise (On Earth)'

Watch Cris Cab's "Paradise" video.

When you're with Cris Cab, anywhere can be "Paradise."

We don't know if you've noticed, but Cris Cab is totally killing the music game right now. (We didn't include him on our Most Criminally Overlooked Artists Of 2012 list for nothing.) Cris has already got a dual co-sign from both Pharrell and Wyclef, his first single, "Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)," features a cameo from Big Sean, and most important, his jam "Paradise (On Earth)" totally made our winter break staycation feel like a tropical trip to Jamaica, complete with piña coladas, bikinis, and a hot shirtless boyfriend with a 12-pack (TMI? Also, are 12-packs even a thing?). Now, Cris is doing his part to warm up this FRIGID NYC DAY (a "real feel" of 14 degrees, New York? Seriously??) by dropping his official "Paradise (On Earth)" video.

+ Watch Cris Cab's "Paradise (On Earth)" video after the jump.

Shot mainly in NYC, "Paradise" features quick cut shots of Cris looking totally dapper while standing in front of various NYC landmarks (our personal fave being Isamu Noguchi's crazy red cube). And yes, we know what you're thinking: "But where's the SUN?" Followed by a refrain of "no mai tai's?" and "no palm trees?" While we, too, were expecting "Paradise (On Earth)" to be set in, well, paradise, directors Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman instead utilized colorful stock images of a classic beach scene and juxtaposed them with shots of Cris dominating the big bad city. Or, in simpler terms, multicolored palm trees appear over Cris' face while he stands next to an NYC taxi cab. Sounds weird, but totally isn't. Plus, who needs a beach when we have Google Images? We'll just take the 12-packed boyfriend and daiquiris for now.

+ Watch Cris Cab's "Paradise (On Earth)" video.

Photo credit: Mercury Recrods