New Song: New Kids On The Block, 'Remix (I Like The)'

New Kids On The Block drop their new single "Remix (I Like The)."

New Kids On The Block support the outcasts!

Now that New Kids On The Block are part of THE PACKAGE TOUR (aka the best tour ever with NKOTB, Boyz II Men, and 98 Degrees! Also, EVERYONE! WHEN ARE WE GOING?), it seems only fitting that the boys should get a brand-new single to hit the road with. Cue "Remix (I Like The)": a poppy, danceable ode to an ugly duckling-turned-goddess! Or perhaps the boys are referring to a former contestant from "The Swan," because remember that show? How about TLC's "A Makeover Story"? ...Never mind.

Listen to New Kids On The Block's "Remix (I Like The)" after the jump.

Late last night, the ADULTS From The Block (wondering when that joke is gonna get old?) debuted their new single on Ryan Seacrest's website. (We should also mention that throngs of rabid NKOTB fans totally crashed Ryan's site in a frenzied panic to listen to the song. #Loyalty.) Set to a thumping club beat, the boys sing in unison about the nerdy chick who morphs into total bombshell: "Ever the outcast/ Had no flava.../ Now her body's so crazy/ Got mad attention...My baby's so intelligent/ Down with it/ Independent/ Got it all." Sounds like the New Kids saw right through that nerd's dorky exterior and bagged her pre-transformation. In sum, if you still get excited about the Usher-MC'd, choreographed dance-breakdown prom scene in "She's All That," then this is DEF your go-to jam. Dance like no one is watching, guys.

Be on the lookout for the boys' new album, 10, when it drops April 2.

Listen to New Kids On The Block's "Remix (I Like The)."

Photo credit: New Kids On The Block's Facebook