New Song: Cher Lloyd Featuring Juicy J, 'With Ur Love'

Cher Lloyd recruits Juicy J for her latest single "With Ur Love."

Cher Lloyd and Juicy J team up on "With Ur Love."

We're always daydreaming to Cher Lloyd's songs. We've partied with our best friends in "Oath," terrorized our exes in "Want U Back," and now, in Cher's latest pop jam "With Ur Love," we're whisked away to a much warmer place (that isn't SERIOUSLY 15 DEGREES right now), a place that inspires images of palm trees, beach parties, Coronas (for those of us who are of Corona-drinking age, that is), and most important, summer romance (#sigh). And not only are Cher and her brat grunt officially back in our lives, but she's also teamed up with an unexpected rapper: "Bandz A Make Her Dance" (that's a NSFW BTW) rapper Juicy J.

Listen to Cher Lloyd featuring Juicy J's "With Ur Love" after the jump.

While we would totally expect a collabo with, say, Becky G, the "Rum and Raybans" singer and the Three 6 Mafia member's styles complement each other unexpectedly well. Cher spends most of the track saucily crooning about a guy who no one else could ever measure up to: "All of them other boys can walk away/ They ain't even in the game/ Cause they know that you own it," she sings. Juicy J hops on the track halfway through, rhyming about how his girl is the baddest: "I'm in love man, I'm trippin'/ I'm smokin on that sticky/ My chick look like Nia Long/ Your chick looks like Ms. Piggy." (Word to the wise Juicy, Ms. Piggy would probably react to that line like THIS.) Either way, sometimes uncanny pairings can surprise you: peanut butter and jelly, Sriracha and anything, and now, Juicy J and Cher Lloyd.

+ Listen to Cher Lloyd featuring Juicy J's "With Ur Love."

Photo credit: Epic Records