Taylor Swift Brings Her Cleavage To Madrid, In Turn Wins Two Awards! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift rocks a plunging white dress.

Our little Taylor is becoming a woman.

Friends, we've got a sinking feeling that our little Taylor Swift is growing up. Actually, we need to rephrase that: TAYLOR must be the one with the sinking feeling, which is currently manifesting itself in her cleavage. Get it?! Taylor's...sinking...neckline...exposing...cleavage....ugh, never mind. It's Friday. Anyway, we're currently tracking a new Taylor Swift trend, which is specifically the abandonment of her usual flowery, youthful, good-girl attire in favor of, well, showing off the girls. But it could be a lot worse, right? We could be in Lil Kim purple pasty territory!

Snapped attending the 40 Principales Awards' 2013 in Madrid, Spain (where she also won the International Artist award and performed "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "Love Story"), Taylor wore the second plunging white dress we've seen her in since 2013 began (how sad is it that we know this stuff?), the first of which was at the 2013 People's Choice Awards. In addition to her blossoming bosom, we couldn't help but notice how this style shift took place almost EXACTLY after her breakup with One Direction's Harry Styles... not saying the two things are DIRECTLY related, but we're just putting it out there. Like Taylor's putting her chest out there. Not that we blame her! Because can you say, "ON THE PROWL"?

Photo credit: Getty Images