New Video: D-WHY, '2,000 Miles'

Watch D-WHY's new "2,000 Miles" video.

D-WHY travels cross country in his "2,000 Miles" video.

D-WHY's no stranger to this blog, and for good reason, too. Aside from his impeccable fashion sense (flannels! amazing sunglasses! chambray everything!), we've recently seen the "Buzz On" alum spit about his favorite hot bevvie in the T-Minus-produced "Macchiato Music," get little aggro in the Casey Veggies-assisted "Kill Me Now," announce the drop date of his Don't Flatter Yourself mixtape via "One Day After 2 Chainz (Birthday Song Remix)," and now, he's exploring his emo side in the brand-new "2,000 Miles" video (one of the buzz tracks off Don't Flatter Yourself). Seriously, the dude has RANGE.

Watch D-WHY's "2,000 Miles" video after the jump.

Directed by Jakob Owens, "2,000 Miles" documents D-WHY's western journey, starting in his home territory of West Virginia and ending in New York City. D-WHY, his bros, and a totally C-U-T-E chick hop in an RV to get their road trip on, a voyage featuring stunning shots of the troupe's travels, plus some some beer-drinking, pizza-eating, flirting, and tons more shots of D-WHY in, wait for it, a flannel! It's basically a way cooler version of the "driving down the coast" scene in Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video, only this one's in an RV and has way more skinny jeans. We're thinking, "Urban Outfitters Catalog Brought To Life."

+ Watch D-WHY's "2,000 Miles" video.

Photo credit: Jakob Owens