Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Takes The Most Flattering Dressing Room Selfies EVER (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus uploaded a fabulous dressing room selfie photo!

Miley Cyrus owns her dressing room selfie!

So, you know that moment when you just finish a juice cleanse or have a really good hour at the gym, and you feel so healthy that you run to the first department store you can find for a little retail celebration? Then you IMMEDIATELY try on everything in sight and take selfies in the dressing room that you later tweet to all your ex boyfriends friends? (No? Just me? At least I own my own vanity!) Anyway, that MUST happen with Miley Cyrus 24/7 since, well... DO YOU SEE HER BODY?! And since she's 100 percent celeb, we're guessing maybe she doesn't need a constant diet of liquid kale to maintain her UN-believable body.

And sure, a "selfie" is probably as vain as it gets (please never open my iPhoto), and then you add Twitter into the equation and it becomes a questionable social media PR move. But Miley was slick and tweeted out her selfie under the guise of requesting a friend's fashion input: "Shall I or shall I not buy? @Simoneharoucheis mint to girly? #lady #slut." If you wanted our input, you should've just invited us, girl! And didn't Vogue crown mint the color of spring 2013? (Yep, totally making that up because it sounds fancy!) The real moral of the story is this: When you've suffered through as many gluten-free products as Miley Cyrus has, you've definitely earned the right to let your out-of-this-world bod bask in the social media spotlight. Because you and I both know that "gluten-free bread" is actually code for "stale cardboard." Not even fresh cardboard, but stale.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus