Why Are Fans Tossing Their Bras At Ellie Goulding? (PHOTO)

Ellie Goulding holding a lot of bras that were thrown onstage during her concert.

Ellie Goulding's major bra competition for One Direction, apparently.

The concept of throwing a bra onstage has been around for about as long as both stages and bras have existed (just ask someone like One Direction's Harry Styles about it). Though for someone like Ellie Goulding, this phenomenon may be fairly new. The first notable instances of the long-distance undergarment toss date back to the suffragette movement around the late 19th century in the States and the U.K., where politically active women would hurl their 50 lb. bras on stage with catapults at frightened politicians in order to influence the debate over their right to vote. Okay, we might have made that up. We really should've paid attention in history class.

The "Figure 8" singer posted the photo on Instagram with the caption, "Boston show = Sick.... Not sure why but had a lot of bra's thrown at me." Seems like it would be flattering, right? One commenter had a solution: "Apparently chicks have the hots for you too," which, yes, that sounds very likely, because girl is clearly GORGE. NO ONE rocks a halfsie-shaved-head haircut like this one (well, except maybe for her ex Skrillex). At least you can take all those extra bras to the thrift shop, Ellie! We are a solutions-oriented blog, guys.

Photo credit: @elliegoulding