Star Spotting: Adam Levine's 'SNL' Promo Makes Us Even More Willing Than Ever To Sit On His Lap (PHOTO)

Adam Levine sits in a makeshift "The Voice" chair in a promo for his "SNL" hosting gig.

Adam Levine's "SNL" promo invites us to view his comedic side... and his lap.

It would take a VERY talented (and good-looking) man to convince us that an office chair resembling a fifth grader's craft project is actually that huge, red, cushiony-looking thing they use on "The Voice." Luckily, Adam Levine is just the kind of man to make that work, as proven by this photo shared on "Saturday Night Live"'s official Twitter to promote his upcoming hosting gig. Actually, Adam makes the makeshift seat look so cozy that we'd like to give it a try (is that really JUST duct tape and poster board holding the "chair" together??). And when we say "it," we really mean Adam's lap. PUH-LEASE don't act like you weren't thinking of the same thing.

Maroon 5's lead singer takes on his first hosting gig for "SNL" this weekend (Jan. 26) along with musical guest Kendrick Lamar. And because the comedy sketch show is notorious for making fun of pretty much everything on the planet, it's no surprise that "SNL"'s Bobby Moynihan spent much of this week's video promo joking on Levine's judging gig. But they can tease all they want, 'cause Adam will take it in stride. Anyone with a jawline THAT chiseled from stone and who ROCKS a suit THAT well will always have the last laugh.

Photo credit: @nbcsnl/Dana Edelson