New Video: Riff Raff, 'Rap Game Patrick Ewing'

Riff Raff takes inspiration from an NBA great in "Rap Game Patrick Ewing."

Riff Raff draws inspiration from an NBA great in "Rap Game Patrick Ewing."

In a strange twist of linguistic fate, Riff Raff, the rap game Analogist In Chief, spends so much time comparing himself to everyone else -- he's been the rap game Betty Crocker/James Franco/Rudy Huxtable/ and "Super Mario Bros 3 when-you-duck-behind-the-bricks-and-fly-behind-the-black-screen-at-the-end-and-get-stuff," to name just a few -- that now he's actually, and ironically, on his way to becoming himself. The rap Game Riff Raff, in other words. Until that surely forthcoming moment of transcendent persona idealization, everyone's favorite/least favorite internet rapper has set his sights on a bigger analogy in his new "Rap Game Patrick Ewing" video.

Watch Riff Raff's "Rap Game Patrick Ewing" after the jump.

And when we say "bigger," we literally mean just that: We're talking like seven-feet-tall big, like "NBA great Patrick Ewing" big, a player who, as the voice-over to Riff's new video goes, could "command the court with his presence alone. An intimidating presence in the middle. He's able to carry his team on his broad shoulders." That sounds close enough, but considering that Riff was previously calling himself the rap game Larry Bird, it brings up the potential for all sorts of auto-one-on-one slam dunk contest  scenarios. Now, someone please film that and put it on YouTube. 100 million views guaranteed.

+ Watch Riff Raff's "Rap Game Patrick Ewing" video.

Photo credit: Mad Decent