Ke$ha's Awesome Eyeball Nails Look Pretty Illuminati To Us (PHOTO)

Ke$ha shows off her new Illuminati-inspired nails.

Ke$ha gets an all-seeing eye manicure -- more Illuminati references!?

Pop stars dedicating manicures to their fave idols ain't nothing new (see: Katy Perry's "Daria" mani, Beyoncé's Jean-Michel Basquiat tips). That in mind, we wouldn't be at all surprised if Ke$ha's latest eyeball artwork was (another) shout to her latest interest/obsession/induction (?) with the Illuminati. And how do we know that Ke$ha's nails are in fact dedicated to the supposed, secretive society, and not, say, a newfound passion for eyeballs (like she has with beards)? Well, we don't. BUT we have done our fair share of research on Illuminati symbols (as proven by these GIFs), and we HAVE done intensive studies of "Die Young"'s cult references (we have a lot of free time).

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The glam Uncle Sam singer showed off her new nail art on Instagram, and honestly, we just have to say that we're starting to have trouble keeping up with Ke$ha's subculture of choice these days. Between the Illuminati and her recent induction in to the furry world, we can only guess which underground world she'll infiltrate next! And while normally we'd be incredibly worried about a pop star submerging themselves into such social realms -- it's Ke$ha. If she can handle starting the day by brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack, we're pretty sure she can occult tips.

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Photo credit: @iiswhoiis