Mindless Behavior Show Off Their Grown-Up Swag With John Mayer And Katy Perry (PHOTO)

Mindless Behavior meet Katy Perry and John Mayer while performing at The Kids' Inaugural.

Mindless Behavior, Katy Perry, and John Mayer are totally making plans for next week... we're guessing.

Mindless Behavior are quite the dapper, super-swagged out dudes (and still in high school, we might add). But despite their age, we know they are DEF on some grown-up ish from their latest single "Keep Her On The Low," (a song about choosing between two girls, not juggling them). But now, we've learned that not only is the group singing and dressing on an adult level, they're also posing with one of the baddest celeb couples in the game, grown or otherwise: John Mayer and Katy Perry!

The All Around The World singers (album dropping on March 12) were snapped posing with Katy Perry and BF John Mayer at The Kids' Inaugural: Our Kids. Our Future event in Washington, D.C., and later uploaded the pic onto Instagram with the caption "We love this one so much @billboard #blackbeat - #johnmayer and @katyperry at The Kids' Inaugural: Our Children. Our Future. - Jan. 19, 2013..." Plus, not only did Mindless Behavior perform at the event alongside some of the biggest pop stars in the biz, but sitting in the front row were none other than Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama and Jill Biden! That sounds like a pretty tough crowd to us, but you'll be happy to learn that the guys CRUSHED their performance. Um, yeah, no wonder they have a documentary coming out about them in March. That, meeting celebs, and performing for the first family like NBD is pretty much the best coming-of-age EVER.

Photo credit: @mindlessbhavior