Check Out Wallpaper.'s 'Good 4 It' Lyric Video (NSFW)

Wallpaper. premieres his latest lyric video for "Good 4 It."

In case you had any doubt, Wallpaper. is definitely "Good 4 It."

While we can usually find Wallpaper. raging poolside with a pitcher of margaritas ("F****** Best Song Everrr") or getting white-boy wasted, it looks like Pretty Ricky Reed has taken a quick break from raging long enough to record a brand-new jam called "Good 4 It." As opposed to Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" lyric video, which (THANK GOD) features an IRL Justin, Wallpaper.'s "Good 4 It" video takes the traditional route, featuring the track's lyrics animated over a continuous shot of a moving bike. A word to the wise: If you get motion sickness, you might wanna pop a Dramie before watching.

Watch Wallpaper.'s "Good 4 It" lyric video after the jump.

Although it'd be great to see Wallpaper.'s cute mug, we're almost too busy FREAKING OUT over how dope the actual song is to be too bummed. "Good 4 It" is a heavy, trippy departure from Wallpaper.'s signature party anthems, and although it's produced like a pop record, one look at Ricky's poignant lyrics and you'll immediately be transported to emo city. "Without some help, sometimes/ Need my friends, sometimes/ To bail me out, sometimes/ You know I'm good 4 it," Ricky sings. Damn, Mr. "#STUPiDFACEDD" has a softer side? Intriguing! But even party boys have to cry, sometimes...

+ Watch Wallpaper.'s "Good 4 It" lyric video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Epic