New Video: Jasmine Villegas, 'Paint A Smile’

Jasmine is determined to be a strong girl in her latest clip for "Paint A Smile."

While you guys might know Jasmine Villegas as someone who has IRL touched Justin Bieber that girl who played Justin Bieber's love interest in "Baby," you'll be happy to know that she's actually a powerful pop star in her own right. That said, you might also remember Jasmine's autobiographical "Didn't Mean It" video, an emotional clip that not only touched on domestic violence, but also enabled Jasmine to speak out about her own experiences. Now, as a follow up to "Didn't Mean It," Jasmine's released her brand-new video, for "Paint A Smile."

Watch  Jasmine Villegas' "Paint A Smile" video after the jump.

While "Didn't Mean It" showed Jasmine at the tail end of an abusive relationship, "Paint A Smile" portrays Jasmine as a strong and confident woman, unafraid to leave her man the second he disrespects her. When she's finally had enough, Jasmine confidently hops into her perfectly detailed vintage car (because a Toyota just wouldn't have the same effect!), touches up her makeup (#hairflip!), and is all like, "Too little, too late!" and "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." As she drives along, Jasmine flirts with (and consequently picks up) a male model who clearly moonlights a gas station attendant, and together they drive along off into the sunset. Atta girl, Jas! Because that's the only thing to do when your boyf starts acting like a DB? Reapply your lipstick and go pick up a hotter one. BOOM.

Watch  Jasmine Villegas' "Paint A Smile" video.

Photo credit: Jasmine Villegas