New Song: RDGLDGRN, 'Million Fans'

Listen to RDGLDGRN's brand-new track "Million Fans."

Dave Grohl guest stars on RDGLDGRN's grit-hop track "Million Fans."

If you've been following Washington, D.C.'s hip-hop hybrid trio RDGLDGRN (Red Gold Green), you may have noticed that their blazing new boast-track, "Million Fans," sounds unusually crisp and distinct. We're guessing that may have something to do with the fact that Dave Grohl, aka America's coolest rock-and-roll uncle, aka our very favorite Foo Fighter, happens to be sitting in on drums.

Listen to RDGLDGRN's "Million Fans" after the jump.

The group, already well-established in D.C., first caught the world's attention last year with their YouTube hit "I Love Lamp." Now they're teaming up with Mr. Grohl, who has reportedly laid down tracks for the band's entire forthcoming self-titled debut EP (out next month on Fairfax Recordings and Republic Records). Also, fun fact: RDGLDGRN's record was made in the same L.A. studio where Dave recorded Nirvana's Nevermind. #Cred.

RDGLDGRN's collab with Grohl should come as no surprise either, as their genre-jumping sound channels everything from D.C.'s go-go beats to a Bad Brains punk edge (the type of influential punk band who founded the D.C. scene where Grohl himself eventually came out of), all cemented with a solid hip-hop foundation. (Fellow genre-hopper Pharrell Williams even guests on the track "Doing The Most"!) RDGLDGRN also claim to be influenced by Vampire Weekend, which, yes, sounds a little out-of-the-blue, but it kind of makes sense once you get rolling in the band's output.

Fairfax founder Kevin Augunas (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids, The Lumineers) has even said he hasn't heard anything like it. "I was attracted to the band because of their inherent uniqueness. In a time when it seems to be almost impossible to find a band that doesn't sound like any other, RDGLDGRN stand out as truly individual. They really don't sound like anyone else at all."

The song's title may sound like a bit of bravado, but at this rate it seems more like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

+ Listen to RDGLDGRN's "Million Fans."

Photo credit: Fairfax Recordings