Jennifer Lopez Braves NYC's Freezing Winter Temperatures By Wearing A Miniskirt (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez braves harsh Winter temperatures in NYC in a mini-skirts.

A miniskirt is all Jennifer Lopez needs to keep warm on a 19-degree day. She's just THAT hot.

You know how they say "Mind over matter?" Perhaps that's what Jennifer Lopez was thinking when she got dressed for New York City's blustering 19-degree morning yesterday. She was all, "Maybe if I dress in a leopard-print miniskirt looking hotter than any 20-something who just walked out of the supermodel factory, I'll actually be warm and not freeze to death while braving NYC's arctic weather." See guys, while we were all looking like dorks in puffy coats, running noses, and battling frozen extremities, J. Lo was using the power of her mind to control her body temperature. That's just one of MANY superpowers you get when you're QUEEN OF EVERYTHING. Be jealous.

The "Goin' In" singer was snapped before heading to her "Good Morning America" appearance, and between her confident "I'm gonna wear what I want and IDGAF if my legs fall off" look and Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's latest beach escape, we kinda feel like we're doing winter wrong. Who says we have to suffer through negative wind chills, people angrily pushing on the freezing subway, and getting snow in our Uggs when you can hire drivers (so you can wear miniskirts freely) or charter private planes to fly you to tropical Costa Rica? Now, would anybody like to contribute to our "live through winter like a celebrity" fund so we can set these plans in motion? Anyone?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News