New Video: Underoath, 'Sunburnt'

Watch Underoath's "Sunburnt" video.

Underoath bring nightmares to life in their new "Sunburnt" video.

It's no secret that we've got a soft spot for the heavier stuff around here (see: We Came As Romans and A Day To Remember), so it was a particular personal coup to discover that "Sunburnt," a brand-new video from Florida scene vets Underoath, just dropped. And when we say "vets," we mean one of the bands that basically designed the blueprint for soaring metalcore. #RESPECT!

Watch Underoath's "Sunburnt" video after the jump.

Of course our excitement is balanced out by a heavy heaping of sadness, which is kind of apropos considering the band in question. The song appears on Underoath's Anthology 1999-2013, out now, while Underoath is in the midst of their farewell tour (AUGH!). The record is a "best of" collection spanning all the way back to their 1999 debut, Act of Depression (which, for a lot of longtime fans, probably describes the experience of seeing their final Underoath show pretty well), up through brand-new material like "Sunburnt."

The video itself is a predictably bleak affair, aka a desolate, abandoned city and dreamlike forest set in the protagonist's subconscious. It's like a greatest hits clip of your recurring nightmares: the one about falling, the one about drowning, the one about being left alone in the world -- although it seems like they skipped over the one about showing up to school with no clothes on. Maybe that's for the best.

+ Watch Underoath's "Sunburnt" video.

Photo credit: Tooth & Nail