New Song: T.I., 'No Worries (Freestyle)' (NSFW)

T.I. is in a worry-free place, y'all.

Remember that time Lil Wayne declared himself free of anxiety in "No Worries"? Well, he may have started a new relaxation trend (instead of juice cleansing and reading every night before bed, just become an ultra-rich rapper -- easy peasy), but now T.I. has decided to join the hip-hip Canyon Ranch club with a freestyle over Weezy's original called "No Worries (Freestyle)," due to appear on DJ MLK’s new mixtape, GoodNight Don’t Exist in ATL 2.

Listen to T.I.'s "No Worries (Freestyle)" after the jump.

Over Weezy's original track, Tip goes IN (if we may say so ourselves), spitting about how much dough he's acquired over the years (this potential multi-million dollar record deal may help with that, too), how he's 24/7 VIP up in da club (natch), and how he's "killed careers" in his years (a metaphor that we assume to mean slaying the hip-hop charts dead). Bizarrely, there's absolutely no mention of T.I's very special wife, Tiny, which literally makes zero sense. Because if Tiny's down to ride or die for you, then WHAT do have to worry about?! Exactly, nothing. Forever.

Listen to T.I.'s "No Worries (Freestyle)" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Atlantic Records