Check Out Leonard Friend's New Jack Swing Remix Of Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie Featuring Jay-Z'

Leonard Friend gives Justin Timberlake's "Suit And Tie" a New Jack Swing remix.

Don't sleep on Leonard Friend's "Suit & Tie" remix.

Covering Justin Timberlake's hotly debated "Suit & Tie" (aka the new JT tune we've been waiting a whopping six years for) seems a smidge daunting, no? So far, we've already heard Ryan Leslie's brave (considering Jigga is also on the track), rap-centric interpretation, and now R&B/pop singer Leonard Friend (aka Alex Feder, aka the ex-frontman of Brooklyn indie band The XYZ Affair) has stepped up to the plate with his New Jack Swing-tinged remix.

Listen to Leonard Friend's "Suit & Tie" remix after the jump.

As opposed to the original's, errr, immediately-on-the-floor-can't-help-yourself-panty-dropping vibe, Leonard's version calls on some rather ominous sounding, minor-keyed synths to fill out the track. And while Leonard's interpretation may not be as classically sexy as the original, its New Jack Swing drums and sultry creep give it an inherent "cool" factor that will still toooootally land you someone to make out with. Sure, that someone may occasionally write in an eerie dream journal, but we can totally deal with that.

+ Listen to Leonard Friend's "Suit & Tie" remix.

Photo credit: Leonard Friend

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