Star Spotting: Sometimes Harry Styles Nervously Twirls His Hair Like The Rest Of Us (PHOTO)

Harry Styles twists his hair while in London.

Harry Styles gets nervous and twirls his hair like the rest of us!

One Direction's Harry Styles: The man is arguably the most popular member of the biggest band in the world (don't worry, Niall -- we still like you best!), one-half of the saddest celebrity breakup of 2013 (NOT OVER IT), and you mean to tell us that baby boy still gets nervous just like the rest of us pedestrian humans? WE DON'T BUY IT. Except maybe we kinda do now, considering this exceptionally telling/endearing photo of Harry looking mad contemplative while twirling his hair... like a nervous wreck.

Harry was snapped yesterday in a very snowy and slushy London, and although he still looked basically perfect (you gotta admit the man slays in skinny jeans), you can tell by his furrowed brow and intense hair-twirling that something is weighing heavily on the "Kiss You" singer's mind. Aside from trying not to be a hot boy-bander who falls and slips on ice, perhaps Harry's not quite over his breakup with Taylor Swift? That, or maybe he's just paralyzed thinking about the forthcoming hit song Taylor will inevitably write and swear isn't about Harry, when everyone clearly knows that it is. Honestly, that kinda fear is enough to send anyone down a metaphorical black hole of deep thought, so you just twirl away, Harry! Although your hair is kind of your "thing," and it would totally suck if you were the catalyst for your own receding hairline. Just looking out for you!

Photo credit: WENN