New Video: Sunshine, 'Showering With Wine' (VIDEO)

Sunshine, as Batman and Superman, terrorize a local town in "Showering With Wine".

We've NEVER seen superheroes act like this before.

Two guys dressed up as Batman and Superman have a dress-up date (I'd be curious to read their OkCupid profiles), drink until they go off the rails, end up getting into a physical altercation, kiss and make up, and (speaking of rails) end up sleeping on a train platform in a video that feels partially like a lo-fi, gay version of Rihanna's "We Found Love" video and... partially like Rihanna's real life. If the abusive aspect of Sunshine's decidedly dark (yet somehow bright) "Showering With Wine" hero complex video doesn't alarm you, then please to enjoy the Vancouver indie rock act's new song, which feels like an airy take on My Bloody Valentine and Surfer Blood. And if you hear hints of The Raveonettes, then pat yourself on the back for having an exquisite ear: Sune Rose Wagner of the garage-rock revival band will appear on Sunshine's self-titled debut, out Feb. 26.

+ Watch Sunshine's "Showering With Wine" video.

Photo credit: Sunshine

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