Star Spotting: Justin Bieber And R. Kelly Hang Out BECAUSE THEY CAN! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber hangs out with R&B superstar R. Kelly over the weekend.

Justin Bieber and R. Kelly are BFFs? It's news to us, too!

OK, how did we not know Justin Bieber and R. Kelly were friends who hang out together like NBD? Sure, the music business is a small world, and both Justin and R. Kelly are really big deals who were bound to meet at some point, but we feel like there should've been some sort of news flash/sound of everything coming to a screeching halt after this photo surfaced of THEM IN THE SAME ROOM BEING REAL FRIENDS. Also, kudos to the gents for actually acting like real friends -- that is to say, too distracted by their phones to hold real face-to-face conversation. #StarsAreJustLikeUs

The R&B superstar shared the photo with Justin on Instagram along with the caption "Just chillen this weekend with the homie @justinbieber." We can only imagine what the guys did during their QT... you know, after putting down their phones (maybe they were celebrating Justin's official Twitter reign over Lady Gaga). Well, since we already know Justin spent the weekend "writing his heart out" in the studio, perhaps Kelly was on hand to offer some pointers? We're talking about the guy who wrote a 30-something-chapter musical "hip-hopera" with SO many emotional twists, turns, shockers, and OMFG moments that you need a flowchart to keep it all together. If you need ANY more inspiration than that, you may be living your life entirely wrong.

Photo credit: @rkelly