New Song: Vato Gonzalez, 'Cats Are Evil'

Listen to Vato Gonzalez's "Cats Are Evil."

Vato Gonzalez... or Dr. Evil?

It takes one to know one. So when Vato Gonzalez dubs his new track "Cats Are Evil," you know he's on his supervillain swag. The Diplo-approved musician's new banger drags his self-described dirty house to gritty new depths. The song starts minimal before layering up and drilling down into increasingly distorted synths and percussion. The 4/4 drums stomp like angry Transformers, who only break for an oil change and a keyboard hook. (Four minutes of this feels like a week at Burning Man.) As Dr. LCD Soundsystem recommends, the only thing to do here is dance yourself clean.

Listen to Vat Gonzalez's "Cats Are Evil" after the jump.

The track's already as massive as its drums. It's notched more than 100,000 SoundCloud plays. The largely instrumental song features just one key line: "Cats are evil," Gonzalez repeats. The producer and his tabby accomplice go full Mr. Bigglesworth on the cover art -- look at those shady eyes! Little dude is definitely breaking into the pantry for treats later, if Gonzalez's subwoofer doesn't blow him out of their secret lair first. The Dutch producer hasn't announced his next official release just yet, so keep an eye on his SoundCloud page for more beats (and kitties).

+ Listen to Vato Gonzalez's "Cats Are Evil."

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