Lady Gaga Wears Another Meat Dress, Turns Her 'Born This Way Ball' Stage Into A Full-Blown Meat Locker (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga wears another meat dress at her concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

Lady Gaga, just hanging out in a meat grinder.

As long as we've been Lady Gaga fans, we've been asking ourselves questions like, "How does Lady Gaga create meat dresses?," "How does she keep them from developing salmonella?," and "Does she have ANY vegan/vegetarian fans left?" Um, well, we guess that last one's best left alone for now. However, we may be able to answer ONE question after looking at pictures from Mother Monster's latest "Born This Way Ball" concert: Of COURSE Lady Gaga keeps her meat dresses fresh by hanging them in MEAT LOCKERS. Duh! It's just one step away from a refrigerated closet! That's right, not only did Lady Gaga's famous meat dress make a comeback (in the form of a meat onesie/leotard), but she brought an entire meat locker onstage with her, as well as a gigantic... meat grinder.

Check out more pictures of Lady Gaga's meat-themed performance after the jump.

Performing at L.A.'s Staples Center, Gaga returned to her much-loved meat theme (remember her first-ever meat dress at the 2010 MTV VMAs, subsequent meat dresses, AND most recently, her meat couch?). Obviously Gaga can never just leave it at a simple meat dress (because that would be boring), so for this performance, Gaga brought a few slabs of hanging meat onstage with her, pretended to hang next to them, and threw herself face-first into an onstage meat grinder -- perhaps something she found in the torture porn movie prop house. We're not gonna ask. We're just gonna go make a nice prosciutto-on-prosciutto sandwich.

Lady Gaga hangs out in a meat locker.

Lady Gaga legitimately turns the stage into a meat locker.

Lady Gaga goes into a meat grinder.

...And that's Lady Gaga going face-first into the meat grinder.

Photo credit: Splash News