Star Spotting: Rihanna Goes Commando, Wears Camo To Sneak Out Of A Recording Studio (PHOTO)

Rihanna caught sneaking out of a recording studio in Hollywood.

Rihanna plays peekaboo with the paparazzi while leaving a recording studio in West Hollywood.

First, know that when we say "commando," we don't mean that Rihanna forgot her underwear. We have no way of knowing that, even if she does have a penchant for nudity. What we DO know, however, is that this picture of her rocking a giant camo coat while sneaking out of a recording studio is now officially one of our favorite RiRi moments of 2013. First, Rihanna should know that she's kinda a big deal and sneaking anywhere is absolutely not going to work. Second, leave it to Ri to pair a cannabis pattern dress with a camo jacket. Um, OK, how many marijuana-themed clothing items does she even own? So far, we've counted MANY. But that's another rant for another time.

The budding fashion designer was photographed attempting a secret escape out of a West Hollywood studio where she was rumored to be hanging with Chris Brown. GUYS! Were they in the studio recording another duet? We get that it's probably still "Nobody's Business," but we're only asking because it's a whole new year, which means Rihanna's due for a new album (she drops new stuff once a year, as flawlessly illustrated by these photos in Complex magazine). It's not that we're tired of her latest masterpiece, Unapologetic, especially since she's got two new singles, "Stay" and "Pour It Up," on the way. But a year without a new Rihanna album is as sad as standing in the cold rain without an umbrella... ella... ella... (Sorry, but that NEVER gets old.)

Photo credit: Splash News