The Wanted's Jay McGuiness Has A Private Moment With His People's Choice Award (PHOTO)

Jay McGuiness shows off a prized possession -- his People's Choice Award!

We don't blame The Wanted's Jay McGuiness for admiring his Favorite Breakout Artist People's Choice Award. Who wouldn't be proud of an award that THE PEOPLE voted for?? If it were us, we'd bring that thing everywhere: the grocery store, dentist, and even prop it in front of us while running on the treadmill (for MOTIVATION -- it'd be tantamount to dangling a carrot in front of a horse). Let's just get real: We'd be so effing proud of that trophy that we'd even wear it around our necks on a 24K gold chain.

The "I Found You" singer shared the vertigo-inducing pic of him with his trophy on Facebook along with this caption: "Chillin along with the Cheoples Poice..." (He switched the beginning letters of both words around, guys -- LOL. Just wanted to clarify that.) We can't imagine a better night in than cozying up with a win like that (hey, his bandmate Max George has Lindsay Lohan to snuggle with, and Jay has his People's Choice -- company comes in all forms). But don't get too attached to this one award, Jay. We're pretty sure you're gonna have mannny more trophies to spoon in your future now that you're planning to make TWO NEW ALBUMS!

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook