New Song: Aaliyah, 'Quit Hatin''

Listen to "Quit Hatin'," a new track from Aaliyah's posthumous record, "Enough Said."

Aaliyah has a message for all the haters in her previously unreleased track.

We haven't heard much lately about Aaliyah's posthumous record, Enough Said (other than that Drake has claimed ownership is the executive producer, and it's slated for a release on Blackground Records). Other than that, deets are pretty scarce. But every now and then we get a trickle of info, sometimes in the form of a previously unheard Aaliyah track (which are typically staple-gunned together by this or that producer -- not that we're complaining). Last year, Drake (controversially) added his own vocals to Aaliyah's "Enough Said," and now, in honor of the late R&B icon's 34th birthday, the record label Gods have sent down a new track called "Quit Hatin'."

Listen to Aaliyah's "Quit Hatin'" after the jump.

Although "Quit Hatin'" is a little top-heavy, nearly collapsing under the weight of some unnecessary production bells and whistles (Knotch gets production credits), Aaliyah's sultry vocals remain instantly recognizable as she sings about falling for a guy who is, as they say, a scrub. "They say you a baller/ I hear you’re just a player/ And all my friends tell me/ I should have never dated/ But I'm in love with you/ And I'mma have to tell em/ Quit hatin' on him, don’t be jealous." True, "Quit Hatin'" is no "Are You That Somebody" or "Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number," but I think we can all agree that there is JUST NO turning down an Aaliyah track. Or an Aaliyah album (hint, hint, Drake).

Photo credit: Blackground Records