New Video: Wiz Khalifa, '100 Bottles' (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Wiz racks up an unbelievable bar tab in his latest clip for "100 Bottles."

Wiz Khalifa is an expert partier (see here, here, here... and pretty much every other song he's ever done), but we're not sure if even someone with his experience could survive the kind of night described in his latest video, "100 Bottles." And yes, we know dude threw a RAGER of a baby shower for his very pregnant soon-to-be wife, Amber Rose (when is that baby coming out, BTW? She's got to be in, like, her 14th month by now!), but a clean hundo of expensive drinks? Well, everybody needs goals.

Watch Wiz Khalifa's "100 Bottles" video after the jump.

The "Remember You" rapper dropped the video this week after tweeting about finding the clip on an old hard drive (the track comes from his mixtape Cabin Fever 2). Taking place in what has to be the tiniest club on Earth (the smaller, the more exclusive?), Wiz spits rhymes while a very energetic crew dance and bounce behind him, sometimes so hard that the chandeliers shake. We'd feel a little worried about Wiz being wasteful with all those bottles, but something tells us he can afford it: "100 bottles we poppin'/ probably won't even finish it." Fair enough Wiz, we never should have underestimated your dedication to partying. Just be sure to get it all in now, 'cause we hear that newborns can be something of a buzzkill.

+ Watch Wiz Khalifa's "100 Bottles" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Atlantic Records

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