The Buzz On: HITS

Don't sleep on New York-based synth-rockers HITS.

Don't sleep on New York-based synth rockers HITS.

Here's a little math equation: What do you get when you add a dude from Holy Ghost! to a dude from The Drums to three other hot, talented musician dudes? You get a hit! Or, more accurately, a band called HITS. (Ba dum ching! We're allowed one cheesy joke per post, right?)

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As is the case with many New York bands, HITS' members have been tooling around the scene for the past decade, earning their chops in various other musical outfits before settling down in their current lineup (fun fact: HITS used to be called Jump Into The Gospel). And may we just say that we're thrilled they did? Because it's going to take a LOT to pry us away from HITS' highly danceable '80s synth pop (see: HITS's song "Madness"). Or, in simpler terms, imagine if Passion Pit came out in the '80s, wrote a custom soundtrack to "The Breakfast Club," and were somehow able to harness today's freshest production techniques. Or think of your favorite (not so) guilty pleasure '80s pop bands (the more one-hit-wonder-y, the better): Toto, a-ha, A Flock Of Seagulls, etc. Oh, and did we mention THEY'RE ALL VERY ATTRACTIVE? You can thank us later.

Though they're still preparing their debut release After Dark, HITS have already amassed a devoted fan base, some of whom included a handful of VERY FAMOUS PEOPLE. In fact, we may have to take a second to totally #humblebrag on behalf of the boys, because none other than ROBERT PATTINSON is a HITS fan. So is Cobra Starship mastermind Gabe Saporta. And Josh Madden, who tweets about HITS on the reg! (Jealous is a normal emotion, my friends.) If you, like us, are dying to see HITS live, then make sure to catch the bros on the road with Gemini Club, starting Jan. 29.

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Photo credit: Atisha Paulson