New Song: Mindless Behavior, 'Keep Her On The Low'

Mindless Behavior are players, y'all!

Did you know that the oldest member of Mindless Behavior is only, how shall we put this, one year younger than 17? Yet based on their new single, "Keep Her On The Low," each member of the MB troupe seems to be juggling two chicks. While we obviously don't condone cheating, we can't deny that it takes a lot to balance schoolwork (because, once more for emphasis, the boys are still in high school), chores, and not one, but TWO ladies. Seriously? #MiniBallers.

Listen to Mindless Behavior's "Keep Her On The Low" after the jump.

Produced by Sean Garrett and Team S.Dot, MB's "Keep Her On The Low" is the official first single from their sophomore album, All Around The World, due out March 12. Set to a grimy, syncopated track, Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton take turns singing about the emotional hurdles involved with having a mistress (i.e. figuring out which chick to hang out with after class): "Even though I got a girl, I want to keep them both/ Got to figure how to date 'em without messing up my flow." You know something? When I was 16, I was too busy coping with the death of my Tamagotchi and figuring out the proper application of body glitter to juggle two men! That said, can you imagine how much game these guys will have once they're actually legal?? #MindBending.

Listen to Mindless Behavior's "Keep Her On The Low."

Photo credit: Interscope Records