New Video: Zak Waters, 'Runnin Around'

Zak Waters puts an end to the run-around game in his brand-new video.

You might remember fast-rising L.A. musician Zak Waters from when he dropped trou in last summer's "Skinny Dipping In The Deep End" video. Or perhaps you'll remember his solid, soulful guest vocals on Madeon's bangin' single from back in September, "The City." Either way, Waters is back with a funked-up new cut, "Runnin Around, and this time, he's making us all dizzy.

Watch Zak Waters' "Runnin Around" video after the jump.

"Runnin Around" is a sleek, sexy blast of twinkling dance floor lights and risque romping, which serve as a backdrop for him to solemnly swear that he's ditched the single life for a special girl.

In the brand-new video, the camera's fixed on a rotating bed -- with a rotating cast of would-be leading ladies -- while a smoldering Waters comes clean about his past and pours some sugar on his present.

"I will never have another one-night stand/ I will never be nobody else's man," Waters promises above the slick synths and bright, '90s house piano chords. Hmm, kind of hard to believe, what with that revolving door of girls and the good looks and the voice and all, Zak. (Then again, "never be nobody else's man" is a double negative -- so you're good!)

"Runnin Around" is just the latest, greatest taste of what Waters is currently serving up in the studio, where he's also been tinkering with new tracks alongside acts such as Dillon Francis and The Knocks, with a debut LP set to drop in February.

+ Watch Zak Waters' "Runnin Around" video, and listen to the track.

Photo credit: Jesse Carmody