New Song: Kitty Pryde Featuring Lakutis, 'Ay Shawty'

Kitty Pryde wants to holler at you, shawty.

Kitty Pryde (or is that Kitty Timberlake?) might be ready to Rage later this month, but first she'll have to get out of bed. She's working on it with rebooted track "Ay Shawty," once subtitled "THE SHREKONING," formerly the sleepiest, prettiest track on the rap upstart's haha i'm sorry EP. Once a blanket of hazy synths and half-awake rhymes, her new version wakes up with a crisper, cleaner beat from Hot Sugar, which puts Ms. Pryde's vocals right up front. "I really want you to want me, I really want to take off with you" she raps to a mystery man, done hiding under the covers.

Listen to Kitty Pryde Featuring Lakutis' "Ay Shawty" after the jump.

Greedhead MC and Das Racist pal Lakutis sounds the alarm, stepping in for a uproarious guest verse and taking the track into party mode. "Say you wanna go home and watch cartoons/ yeah me too, but not with you," he raps, immune to Kitty's mutant powers. Keep hollering, girl -- he'll come around. P.S., guys, we have "X-Men" on Netflix, you can come by if you promise to bring Riff Raff and popcorn. Kitty's D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP drops Jan. 31.

+ Listen to Kitty Pryde's "Ay Shawty."

Photo credit: Kitty Pryde