Check Out A Mysterious New Still From Paramore's 'Now' Music Video (PHOTO)

Paramore in a still from their upcoming "Now" video.

 We are flipping over this still from Paramore's "Now" video!

We felt like doing multiple cartwheels when we first heard the sneak peek of Paramore's "Now" track. Then we were nearly flipping like McKayla Maroney when we scored a look at the song's cover artwork ("Now" drops digitally Jan. 22!). Today, we're flipping the eff out even MORE because we get to see an actual still from the single's upcoming video! (Doing all this heavy gymnastics indoors is pure talent, BTW).

Shared on Instagram, the image doesn't tell us anything too specific about the video, but it also pretty much tells us everything. Like what, you ask? Well, it tells us that we can fully expect Hayley Williams to show off her sultry red hair. It also tells us that foggy close-ups are a really great way to add even more mystery and intrigue to our already obsessed interest. Mostly, it tells us that we don't have to wait much longer, because hopefully they will finish the video super soon so WE CAN FINALLY SEE PARAMORE IN ALL THEIR EPICNESS.

Photo credit:@paramore